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Industry City Music Office

Industry City Music Office

Pratt Institute   |   MFA Interior Design Studio   |   Fall 2019

In the music industry, work and play are often intertwined. With music at its heart, the office is a vibrant and flexible place that encompasses work and play, but seeks to separate the two. This separation encourages employees to be fully focused at work, or fully relaxed at play. The work environment will promote constant exchange of creative ideas, and the play environment will be dedicated to gathering where employees can connect on a human level in order to foster strong teams. This division is emphasized by enclosed functions that are near the core of the building, and also frees views of the East River and Manhattan, maximizing natural light and sight lines within the work area.


The central connecting space on the second floor, near the atrium, reflects the larger scale plan of industry city and specifically innovation alley, which provides connections to various businesses and restaurants of industry city, while also providing light and openness to the first floor. The division of work and play is emphasized by creating a consistent color/material palette: green, concrete, and wood.

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