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Kinetic Partition

Kinetic Partition

Pratt Institute   |   MFA Interior Design Studio   |   Fall 2019

This partition was inspired by changes in perception created as one moves through a space full of repeated elements, like trees in an orchard. The position of the body in or around the wall determines if one is able to see beyond the wall, or merely see the repetition of the vertical elements that compose the wall. The kinetic lighting component adds brightness when people get closer, and encourages interaction and movement around the partition. The wall is composed primarily of wood, attributing to a feeling of warmth in the space. The light emitted from the top of the wood posts is a soft white, creating an inviting space for viewers. The partition features three areas for people to sit, one inside the wall and two on the outside. Sitting inside the wall allows the viewer to be surrounded by wood and light, creating an intimate experience.

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